Villa Violetta

Ag.Nikolaos, Limanaki - Samos, Greece

Greek Breakfast

At the pool, our guests can daily indulge in our rich breakfast which includes fresh organic products exclusively grown by the two owners, Vangelis ans Violetta. The menu is adjusted in this way that our guests can taste the entirety of traditional delicacies.

  • Fresh goat milk, rice pudding ans cheese from our own goats
  • Mouth-watering omelet made of eggs of the day, peppers and bacon, from our own privately-fed chickens
  • Olives and fresh vegetables of our own biological cultivation
  • We offer beverages such as wild tea, camomile and other aromatic herbs collected in the mountains of Samos as well as various blends of coffee such as greek coffee, filter coffee and so on, thus contributing to your healthy and uplifted well-being.

Don't miss out the chance to taste:

  • Home-made marmalades ans Violetta's spoon sweets.
  • Home-made cake
  • Samian pure honey served with yoghourt
  • Last but not least, take a bite of our organic privately grown season fruit such as apricots, figs, grapes, melons and so on.

Villa Violetta
Ag.Nikolaos - Limanaki
83200 Karlovasi
Samos - Greece

+30 22730 34311
+30 22730 25419
+30 22730 34312

+30 697 758 05 54 (Stavroula)

+30 22730 34211
+30 22730 24083




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