Villa Violetta

Ag.Nikolaos, Limanaki - Samos, Greece

Samos Island

Samos is one of the islands of the North – East of the Aegean Sea. It is 1200m away from Turkey at the area of Mikali, known as the Trait of Mikali. Samos ia a very green island with crystal clear waters and unique beaches.

The capital of the island is Samos town which is also one of the two ports of the island with a lot of shops and commercial life. Karlovassi is the second town which also has a lot of shops, cafes and clubs as well as a port.

It is worth visiting the Church of Panagia Spiliani, built deep in a cave just above the town of Pythagorio, the Natural History Museum in Mitilini, the archaeological Museum of Samos ( Vathi ) and the ancient temple of Metamorphosi in Potami, Karlovassi. In Potami you can also swim in the river, climb up to its waterfalls and the castle just above the church of Metamorphosi. Visit the beaches of the small and Big Seitani, two unspoilt beaches after the area of Potami which are protected by Nature programme and where noone has ever reached by car but only by boat or on foot. You may be lucky and see any seals swimming around their nests in the caves


It is certain that Samos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean Sea. You can combine the mountain and the sea throughout Samos and the places you can see are unique. For those who have already visited Samos, it is certain that you have enjoyed the green, the blue sea, the sea breeze; for those who have not done so yet, it is a must.

Villa Violetta is in the North – West of Samos, 10 metres away from the sea. The studios and the apartments of the villa are built along the seaside and at the back of the hotel there is a majestic and green mountain. The area is called Limanaki – Agios Nikolaos and it is just five minutes away by car from the second town of Samos, the commercial town of Karlovassi.

Villa Violetta
Ag.Nikolaos - Limanaki
83200 Karlovasi
Samos - Greece

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+30 697 758 05 54 (Stavroula)

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